Freeze the clock on your cells in Oakville

Acorn has partnered with Coverdale Clinics, a premium network of specialty care clinics. Coverdale provides an inviting, relaxing environment where patients can feel at home the moment they walk in the door. Together, Acorn & Coverdale help make stem cell collection more accessible and affordable in Oakville, Ontario.


3 Simple Steps To Bank:

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Purchase both your cell collection services and your cell banking plans online.
  • The one-time cell collection fee is $299 for the first adult. If you are a family with additional adults, their fee is $199, and each child in that family is $99. 
  • For your convenience,  you can add as any family members as you require into a single shopping cart to make your check-out fast and easy.
  • You can choose from either an annual cell storage plan or a monthly cell storage plan.

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Schedule your cell collection appointment by contacting the dedicated Coverdale-Acorn support centre at 1-866-517-0709. Have your Order ID from your online payment ready to give to the agent.



Helpful tips to get the most from your cell banking appointment.
  • Please allow for about 20 minutes per person for your appointment. Most people can have enough hair follicles collected within about 5 min, but from time to time it can take between 15 and 20 minutes depending on the person and the growth stage of their hair.
  • Collecting a few plucked hairs from your head is very easy; most people say it feels like plucking an eyebrow. However, we always like to remind people that you need to have some hair on your head for the cell collection appointment. If you're creating an appointment for someone who shaves their head, they will first need to wait for some hair to grow out. It is only required that about half a centimeter (0.5 cm) of hair length be present for successful cell collection. Depending on how fast their hair grows, the minimum necessary length can be grown out in as little as one week.
  • If you're creating an appointment for someone who is balding, there are still options for cell collection. The process involves plucking head hair follicles from behind the ears on the back of the head. For almost all people experiencing balding, that area is still capable of growing out more than enough hair for successful cell collection. 
  • We also recommend the following:
    • Arrive with recently washed hair.
    • Use a minimal amount of hair product on the day of your appointment.
    • Limit the number of hair accessories that you wear that day (elastics, clips, extensions etc).
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Still have questions about stem cell collection?

Download our FAQs here.


Have your cells collected by a trained nurse at the Coverdale Clinics Oakville location:

Coverdale Clinics
Joshua Creek Corporate Centre II
Unit 1, 1393 North Service Road East
Oakville, Ontario, Canada

coverdale clinic oakville


About Coverdale Clinics

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Coverdale Clinics provides patients with a safe, comfortable environment to receive specialty medications by infusion or injection.  We take a personalized approach to patient care that includes education and counselling to better support medication adherence and help achieve the best outcomes possible. To learn more visit